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Manage your mods and addons with the CurseForge desktop app for Windows and macOS. Download CurseForge Ap Magic mod based on the Magicka game. 10,990 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 31, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.1 ATM - All your favorite mods now on 1.12. ATM - All your favorite mods now on 1.12 . Browse Get Desktop Feedback Knowledge Base Discord Twitter Reddit News Minecraft Forums Author Forums Browse Get Desktop Feedback Knowledge Base Discord Twitter Reddit News Minecraft Forums Author Forums Account Info Missing? Login Sign Up All the Mods 3 - ATM3. Modpacks 2,721,686 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 1. Adds 50+ unique biomes to enhance your world, with new trees, flowers, and more -Minegicka 2B0: +Updated to Minecraft 1.3.2 +Now the magick book has ability to edit buttons +Added a dimension: Minegard +Added Minegard staff (x1.35 power of all spells) +Added a teleporter to Minegard +The update is very buggy, use at your own risk LOAD MORE LOGS . Create an account or sign in to comment. 1. 03/26/2016 3:56 pm. Level 7: Apprentice Explorer. GiraffeCircle. Hi! So I tried.

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  1. 1.12.2 Aesthetic Mod. 45%. 277. 173. VIEW. Minecraft 1.12.2 Game Version. maxgjones121 10/17/17 9:34 • posted 9/11/12 1:59. 330.4k 87.9k 644. x 4. Advertisement. Cube World world generator [1.12.X] [Forge] 1.12.2 New Content Mod. 326. 154. VIEW. Minecraft 1.12.2 Game Version. therealergo 11/30/17 1:01 • posted 8/1/12 9:49. 404.5k 108.3k 684. x 9. 1 2 3. 51 - 72 of 72. Top. Home Sign up.
  2. [1.13.2,1.7.10,1.12] Doggy Talents - A day dogs would not drown! - Now updated, new models, new AI, beds and more! - Now updated, new models, new AI, beds and more! 1.13 New Content Mod
  3. 1.12.2 Functional Mod. 112. 85. VIEW. Minecraft 1.12.2 Game Version. Seppon 8/2/14 12:45 • posted 5/8/13 2:37. 176.3k 60.8k 100. x 5 [Forge || 1.12.x MC] Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod { Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Trains & More! } 1.12.2 New Content Mod. 136. 121. VIEW. Minecraft 1.12.2 Game Version. FEX___96 5/5/21 3:46 • posted 3/22/17 4:39. 186.4k 57.7k 200. x 8. Max's Heroes.
  4. This mod is based on the popular trend on Tik Tok, but it provides features that will make any Minecraft world ~vibe~. This mod will be continuously updated to fit the latest trends with community input. Currently the paintings are a resource pack that must be downloaded separately. Some of the major features are Vans, scrunchies, smoothies and boba tea, dyeable hair styles, Fjällräven.

Downloads for Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.16.5 Latest: 36.1.23 Recommended: 36.1. The Beneath für Minecraft 1.12.2 The Aether Wir haben also den Nether und das End in Minecraft: Ein Äquivalent für die Hölle - was der Nether ohne Frage ist - und das Ende des Spiels, das. ArmorPlus Mod [1.10.2,1.11.2,1.12.2] | ArmorPlus is a mod based on exploration, killing, building, getting geared up, fight the bosses and explore the depths of your worlds 1.12.2 Aesthetic Mod 3 Aesthetic Shader Shaders Landscaping Voyager [1.14.2] [1.14] [1.13.1] [1.12.2] [1.12] [1.11] [1.14.4] [1.16] [1.16.1] [1.16.2] This shaders work on every version of Minecraft if your Optifine is up to dateIf you encounter a problem or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to leave a comment and do not hesitate to offer me mods to which the shader can be supported..

This video teaches you exactly how to download & install Forge in Minecraft 1.12.2 allowing you to get any of the Minecraft Forge mods that you want. Forge i.. Minecraft CurseForge. Projects Mod Packs Customization hispanohablante(1.16.3) uso de carpet mod, semi-vanilla >> by kovac_kc Nov 13, 2020. by kovac_kc. Nov 13, 2020 Go To Latest Post. 0: 44 Please somebody make these 2 mods, read them carefully! >> by ViltordX Jan 21, 2020. by ViltordX. Mar 20, 2020 Go To Latest Post. 1: 370 Is there a mod, for 1.15 that adds carpet-like tiles of wood and. The KUDA Shaders mod is one of the most popular shader packs of all time for Minecraft 1.13.2 and 1.12.2. This is because it's a well-made addition, with Popular Shaders. Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft 1.13.2/1.12.2/1.11.2. September 10, 2018 124 comments. Anyone who is familiar with Minecraft is well aware that the game's general graphics are pixelated and primitive.

Pixelmon Mod 6.3.2 Hey look, everything from generation 1-6 is now done. I wonder what's going in the next version? It's SO unclear. Download™ Recommended Forge is 1.12.2 - Additions: Added all remaining megas: Mega Aggron, Mega Camerupt, Mega Diancie, Mega Heracross, Mega Houndoom, Mega Sableye, Mega Scizor, and Mega Steelix. Zygarde now spawns in Mesas at night. You lot. Downloads for Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.12 Latest: Recommended:

Witchery mod didn't get any updates for the last 2 years or so, and the author seems to be gone. Im willing to pay 100$ for a fully working 1.12.2 port of the Witchery mod. If the job gets too hard we can negotiate about raising the cost of the job. P.S. The project must get open-sourced after the release, or in case of developer abandoning the. Minegicka 3 mod für Minecraft hinzufügen wird eine Magische Utensilien, Hüte, Zauberstäbe und ein paar Dekorative Blöcke. Download mod Minegicka 3 für das Spiel Minecraft über die links unten auf der Seite. Zusätzlich: strihn 02.06.2015 11:22:46. Erforderliche Client-Version : 1.7.10: Benötigt Forge API : DOWNLOAD Minegicka 3. Herunterladen von DepositFiles; Ansichten: 1.7k. Virus. Minecraft Mods ohne Ende! Hey! Ich bin der LeKoopa und auf meinem Kanal zeige ich Dir die neusten Minecraft Mods.Neben lustigen Mod Abenteuern ärgern wir gem.. Download MrCrayfish's Furniture mod, version 5.8.0. For Minecraft 1.12.2 Download mod here. Leave a comment below in a comment section. Creator: Mr_Crayfish | Official link. TAGS; Minecraft 1.12.2 Mods; RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. CraftTweaker mod for Minecraft 1.14.4/1.12.2 - MineTweaker successor . Horror movie Monsters mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 - scary mod. VTweaks mod for.

Downloading MicdoodleCore-1.12.2- Minecraft CurseForge. Projects Mod Packs Customization Addons Mods Texture Packs MicdoodleCore 1.12.2(Library for Galacticraft Mod) #1 Feb 19, 2021. hp20211988. hp20211988. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Join Date: 1/9/2021 Posts: 34 Member Details; If you are looking a new experience when playing Minecraft, you should try MicdoodleCore once time. Join the installation of a set. This cool Minecraft 1.12.2 mod gives you the ability to search for +40,000 structures on an in-game browser and download them, letting you use them in your world. You can similarly scan your buildings and place it on the mod, too. There is a whole community out there dedicated to this, so jump in Die meisten stabilen Mods laufen im Moment auf der Minecraft-Version 1.12.2. Sollten Sie vorhaben, mehrere Mods zu nutzen, empfiehlt es sich, diese Version auszuwählen #Gun mod 1.12.2 - watch how to install or how to get Gun Mod 1.12.2 for minecraft (with forge on Windows, Mac, Linux). Mod spotlight in end video. Subs, lik..

Minecraft 1.12.2. ATTENTION! This is a very early build, with only a handful of blocks and features supported. Please join the discussion on CurseForge if you have questions. Update December 8, 2019 Mod development is currently on hold. I do plan on restarting development at a later time but have no ETA. Thanks to everyone for your continued support! Carpenter's Blocks 3.4.0-poc.6 WIP MC 1.12. [1.12.2] Dr_prof_Luigi's pack [Updated 2018-03-07] ver. 2.1.0 Celebrating 4 years of Minecraft modelling by Dr_prof_Luigi. 23523 Downloads. Tags: Planes Ww2 War Vehicles Fun 1122 3d Civil Delorean Flan Flans Helicopter Minecraft Pack Server Truck Updated [Official][1.12.2]Zombie Pack by Flan. 19454 Downloads. Tags: Guns Teams Armour Armor Fun Civil Flan 3dweapons Awesome Gun Police Sniper. Better than Xray mods! X-ray pack for all those who need it. Ores and mineral blocks are shamelessly highlighted as shown in the pictures. Be sure to pick up Optifine for the extra nightvision effect. So tha Minecraft Forge 1.12 - Englisch: Minecraft Forge ist eine praktische Minecraft-Mod, mit der Sie tausende andere Mods problemlos installieren können

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Replay Mod is one of the leading mods to allow you to capture your gameplay. It is exceptionally useful when you want to make videos of Minecraft for youtube, making a mod/shader pack showcase, or just want to show your friends what you do in Minecraft. Mod will start capturing a video as soon as you enter the world. You can turn off this feature in the settings if you want Official download page for Galacticraft 1.12.2, 1.11.2, 1.10.2, and 1.8.9. By downloading this mod, you accept the terms and conditions, which can be found here. Latest builds contain the newest features and the latest bug fixes. Promoted builds are milestones. Players with older versions should update Galacticraft, if the promoted build is newer. The last number on the file name shows the.

Hwyla Mod 1.16.3/1.15.2/1.12.2 is the mod for Minecraft that provides the information of the blocks (These blocks appear, exist, or be put out when the players see them). This mod also gets the concern from the Mod Pack Developer because of its wonderful function. If you are the person who has just begun playing Minecraft, you certainly are confused by the variety of the mod and the items. NEW ZOMBIE MOD minecraft - how to download and install mod 1.12.2 (with forge) (for Windows, Mac, Linux) and review. Subs, likes very help me out. Subscri.. Don't worry, projects are still here! Projects have a new primary home on CurseForge. To download mods, addons and other projects, head over to the new home page for CurseForge or click any of the options in the navigation above Sign in to Minecraft CurseForge. Use your Twitch account or create one to sign in to Minecraft CurseForge. You'll be redirected to Twitch for this

Complete Minecraft PE mods and addons make it easy to change the look and feel of your game. Updated often with the best Minecraft PE mods Obfuscate Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2 is a library mod for Minecraft, which is free for download here on our website. This mod supports other mods to launch and does not give any feature to the game. Obfuscate Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2. Library mods for Minecraft is a category of mods that are made to help players with installing feature mods and to save storage space in their PCs. Normally, they will not give. 3. Copy the mod file which you just have downloaded (.jar file) into the mods folder, inside of minecraft folder. If you don't have mods folder, create this folder by yourself. 4. Start Minecraft, click on MODS button and check if your new mod is successfully installed and added. Download Obfuscate mod. For Minecraft 1.12.2 Download Obfuscate. Ender Storage mod - convenient storage of items and tools in Minecraft 1.16.5/1.15.2 game. Mod adds 3 things: EnderChest, EnderPouch and EnderTank OptiFine HD 1.16.5/1.12.2 is designed to be an interesting mod that will help players to customize Minecraft efficiently. Specifically, it will work fine in order to help Minecraft run more flexibly and smoothly as well as make use of fewer resources. Moreover, it will allow players to run resource pack GD without needing to install more mods. Normally, it will be able to double and even.

CurseForge Comms for May 5th, 2017 Created By Flamegoat: Last Updated: May 5, 2017. New Project Type and Categories Created By jadedcat: Last Updated: Oct 3, 2016. New Elerium Update for Authors and Users Created By jadedcat: Last Updated: Jan 14, 2015. Welcome to the new Minecraft CurseForge Created By jadedcat: Last Updated: Feb 2, 201 DOWNLOAD ORESPAWN. Um, no. OreSpawn is no longer supported on ANY version of MineCraft. If you spot an OreSpawn download for MC, you put your computer at serious risk of viruses, malware, and adware. Don't do it. There are no legitimate downloads for OreSpawn on MC. OreSpawn has moved to DangerZoneGame.net, on the DangerZone game. Deal with it. All rights belong to TheyCallMeDanger 2012-2021. Authors CurseForge. Dashboard Forums Paste Knowledge Base Reward Store Desktop View. Sign in to Authors CurseForge. Use your Twitch account or create one to sign in to Authors CurseForge. You'll be redirected to Twitch for this. Login or Create an Account. More options coming soon. Product. Overwolf platform.

CurseForge Register Sign In. Minecraft CurseForge. Projects Mod Packs Customization Addons Mods Texture Packs Worlds Forums Reward Store Dashboard Desktop View. Create a New Account. To create a Minecraft CurseForge account, you'll need to log in or sign up with Twitch first. Login or Create an Account. More options coming soon. Product. Overwolf platform; Appstore; Download Overwolf. City Maps for Minecraft 1.12.2: Here list of the 5 City Maps for Minecraft 1.12.2, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 8 October 2017, last map added 654 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 583 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game. City Maps for Minecraft Versions: 1.14.4 3 1.14.2 1 1.14 1 1.13.2 2 1.13.1 1 1.12.2 5 1.11.2 1 1.10.2 2 1.9.2 1 1.9 2 1.8.9 1 1.8.4 1 1. Minecraft CurseForge. Projects Mod Packs Customization Addons Mods Texture Packs Worlds Forums Lucky Block Mod 1.16.4-1.15.2-1.12.2 - Minecraft Mod >> by hp20211988 Jan 19, 2021. by hp20211988. Jan 19, 2021 Go To Latest Post. 0: 944 Lucky Block World- where everything is made from lucky blocks >> by Lonestybee Sep 23, 2020. by Lonestybee. Sep 23, 2020 Go To Latest Post. 0: 566 Hell Fire. March 14, 2020 [1.12.2] [1.10.2] [1.10] [1.8.9] [1.8.8] [1.7.10] [1.7.2] [1.6.4] 13761 5723 3 6 Jaker Author: Dr. Zhark. creatures mobs animals. Mo'Creatures is a Minecraft mod that was created by DrZhark. It adds over 58 new mobs to Minecraft. It provides many new animal and monster mobs, as well as the ability to tame and ride some. You can get many useful items by killing the mobs, which.

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Downloading GalacticraftCore-1.12.2-4..2.238.ja Step 3. Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else Minecraft CurseForge. Projects Mod Packs Customization Addons Mods Texture Packs Looking for builders! Pixelmon Mod 1.12.2 >> by Soukply Jan 14, 2021. by Soukply. Jan 14, 2021 Go To Latest Post. 0: 124 SykeHub - Factions - Skyblock - Pixelmon >> by Sykeys Oct 1, 2020. by. I wanna make a personal modpack for minecraft 1.12.2 and i cant decide on the mods, only real mods ive decided on is a team fortress mod, portal gun, chest and furnace upgrade mods, aether 2, and possibly some dungeon mods. any mod suggestions? any type of mod is fine, just as long as the gameplay isnt changed too much

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does anyone know a curseforge 1.12.2 mod that makes side grass look more like the top grass? Question. Close. Vote. Posted by 4 minutes ago. does anyone know a curseforge 1.12.2 mod that makes side grass look more like the top grass? Question. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by . best. no comments yet. Be the first. link para tener el modhttps://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-time-stop-mod

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Portable Crafting Table by 00theblackwolf00 This mod add a Portable Crafting Table for on-the-go crafting without place a Crafting Table Hawg's Pro Mods ™ The Biggest Collection of Official Wargaming Mods made by 1 mod Maker . Over 2,000 mod versions Mod Hub. Official Wargaming Mods Wgmods.net REBIRTH ™ Wargaming Mods. or faster update release. CurseForge.com Mod Tech help Discord. Discord Tech Help Tactical Minimaps. Download. Hawg's Spg Td Passive Scout Tactical Minimaps

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